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Name:Muse @ Dreamwidth
Birthdate:Dec 6
Location:Virginia, United States of America
Website:Muse @ LJ
BASIC INFO: I'm 36, mother of 5, married to the same man for 12 years! :-) I'm a Systems Admin by day, writer/graphic artist/web designer by night. *haz the skillz of a ninja!!* LOL

THINKY THOUGHTS: I find that I'm now 36... and I wonder how the time has passed by so fast! Then I look back on the past 11+ years and I remember why; it's been a ride and a half! lol I'm married to a man that undoubtably loves me dearly, since he's been with me for almost 12 years now. During that time... we somehow created 5 spawns of Satan (I think we finally figured out that its not hand holding that causes that!).

SOME PERSONAL INFO: I met my husband online via Yahoo IM & Yahoo Personals. Who would have thought such a meeting would result in us being married for so long? LOL

I've travelled all over the world, to include: Turkey, Japan, Germany, Austria, Yugoslavia and Greece. I still want to go and see Australia, Nepal, Romania and Iceland before I die, however... as well as take my kids to Sinop, Turkey to see where I grew up!

I'm in the IT field, but went to school to be a Math Teacher. Don't ask... I'm still not sure how that one happened!

I read too much and to do so, I find I must hide out in the bathroom, door locked, sitting on the toilet lid while the kids knock down the door to get some peace and quiet. All those kids seemed like a good at the time!
The writing, fanart and general references of various fandoms contained within this journal are the sole property of the various original creators. It is strictly used here for entertainment purposes and no effort to make a profit is being made.

This journal contains harsh language and may contain certain content, opinions, nudity, sexual situations and/or sexual humor that might be interpreted by those without a sense of humor, to be objectionable. This journal is recommended for a mature audience. If you don't think you can handle that, then perhaps you should just move on along!

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The Latest Info on My WIPs:

• Maybe I'm A Lie In Disguise: Currently on hiatus.
• A Sense of Inevitability: Currently on hiatus.
• Destiny's Gifts: Currently on hiatus.
• Darkness is a Friend of Mine: Currently on hiatus.
• Blood of Fate: Chapter 5 is currently being written.
• Time Changes Everything: Currently on hiatus.

Current Projects:

• Original short story for anthology project
• Original novel
• Working on the 100 Things Challenge
• Working on the Reading Challenge at GoodReads
• Prompts for wishlist_fic
• Prompts for 10iloveyou

I currently run and/or own the following communities and sites:

Muse's Creative Haven
Muse's Fics
Muse's Graphics
Terminator Fiction (LJ)
T:SCC Crossovers Comm (LJ)
Credits for the various resources that are used on this journal:

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For my Mother (diagnosed Oct 2011 - Terminal)  For myself  For my family and friends  For my father (Deceased 02/10/2001)  For myself and my husband

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